Extremozyme Technology



Jan 23, 2023


Helen Thompson

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Extremozymes are a unique and fascinating botanical ingredient which features within a selection of iS Clinical formulations, but what really makes this ingredient so special? 

Extremozymes are a proprietary grouping of ingredients derived from extremophiles (literally translated as ‘extreme loving’), which are plants that live in extreme environments. One method these plants developed for survival relates to our ingredient Extremozymes.

Extremozymes are plant enzymes evolutionary developed to protect the vital structure of plants and ensure their survival. Planetary extreme environments include deserts, high mountaintops, ocean bottoms, and volcanic hot pots, and life is found in all these areas. In fact, extremophilic plants not only survive in these locations, but thrive. Much of their survival relates to their Extremozymes that cushions and protect their vital structure, especially DNA.

An Extremozyme from the Resurrection Plant is used in iS Clinical products to help protect human skin from environmental stressors, including sunlight, blue light, dehydration, cold weather, heat, or the stress from intense exercise therefore this ingredient is sustainably harvested to help protect the DNA within our skin cells from environmental stressors. How will you know if an iS Clinical product is protecting your skin with Extremozyme technology?

You will see this symbol on the label:



This symbol, the double helix of DNA surrounded by a shield, indicates that the DNA within our skin cells will be protected.