Join the Staff Incentive Programme by Harpar Grace and be rewarded for selling products to your customers!

Every month, you'll be rewarded with a voucher to spend on products from our VIP Store for your own personal use. The amount will depend on the number of product units you've sold to your customers that month.

From clinicians and doctors, to receptionists and practice managers, all staff members of our partnering businesses are eligible to join the programme, as long they have completed the relevant brand education within the past 24 months.

There are 3 tiers of reward in this programme to support your growth:
Tier 1: Sell 15 – 30 product units* for a £75 reward
Tier 2: Sell 31 – 55 product units* for a £100 reward
Tier 3: Sell 56+ product units* for a £125 reward

* To qualify for each tier, products sold must be from the same brand.

Each unit sale has to take place in the calendar month that you are claiming for and proof of the sale needs to accompany your claim which is to be submitted each month.

All you need to do is register all the staff members in your business who want to join the programme. We'll then send you further details of how to submit your monthly claim.



Do my concierge sales count towards my staff incentive count?
Yes absolutely! Retail sales in person and on the HGI Concierge platform are included. The only sales excluded from the programme are the ones from your affiliate shop, on our consumer websites, your orders on the B2B Trading Portal and through your GetHarley platform (if applicable).

To qualify for my staff incentive reward, can I sell 7 units of iS CLINICAL, 3 units of Totally Derma & 5 units of RevitaLash?
Unfortunately not. Staff incentives are measured per brand, therefore you must submit a minimum of 15 units of one brand only. However you can submit more than one claim each month if you've sold at least 15 products from more than one brand.

Are any products excluded from the Staff Incentive Programme?
Yes, travel size products are excluded (e.g. iSCLINICAL Cleansing Complex 60ml). Also please note, sets and collection (e.g. RevitaLash Recharge Collection) are classified as 1 unit.

If I only stock one of your brands, can I use my rewards on any of your other brands to be able to try them?
Yes of course! The VIP Store gives you access to all of our brands in our portfolio - that's one of the benefits of the programme. Plus you'll also get the 30% off RRP benefit too.

Can I use my reward voucher across several transactions?
Unfortunately not, you must spend the full amount in one single transaction, otherwise the remaining value will be lost.

Can I save up my reward vouchers and use them all in one transaction?
Multiple rewards cannot be used in one transaction and therefore only one reward code per transaction is permitted. Rewards have an 8 week expiry date from the date issued.

Why do I have to register for the Staff Incentive Programme?
We need to keep track of who is a part of the scheme and issue a unique ID to allow you to submit a monthly claim. We will also support you by reminding you to submit your results monthly, as we’ll know you are working towards these.

Can the products I sell through my GetHarley platform be submitted as evidence of my sales?
Unfortunately not, only products that you have directly purchased through HGI are eligible. GetHarley is considered a third party in this instance.

How do I submit a claim?
If you've sold 15 units or more of one brand at the end of each calendar month, you can submit a claim form for your reward using this online form.

What evidence will you accept for my staff incentive claim?
We will need evidence of your sales from your till system in PDF or JPEG format. This must show the time, date and product sold of each transaction within your claim.

How often do I need to submit a claim?
The programme runs on a calendar month basis. Claims for the month should be submitted no later than the 5th of the next month.

I didn’t reach 15 units this month, can I carry over my sales to the next month?
Unfortunately not, the programme resets on the 1st of each month and runs until the last calendar day of the month.

Who can join the Staff Incentive Programme?
All team members who are employed by a partnering business of HGI are eligible to join the programme, however they must have completed the relevant brand education within the last 24 months.

I am from a partnering business in the Caribbean, can I join the scheme?
Absolutely! All employees of a partnering businesses from any of our territories (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the Caribbean) are welcome to join the programme.

What if my team aren't interested in joining the programme?
We're sure everyone will want to join the Staff Incentive Programme, because who doesn’t love an opportunity to earn free skincare products for their own personal use! However if they don't want to join the programme, then that's not a problem, the programme will be available to them at a later date should they change their mind.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us