How to do a fire & ice treatment drive



Dec 09, 2022


Kara Rogers

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This is the perfect time of year to generate interest and excitement for treatments as the nights draw in and events ramp up.

Putting energy behind selling courses of Fire & Ice Treatments yields positive results for both revenue and practitioner utilisation.

If you want to fill up the white spaces in your schedule, then consider the following strategy:

1. Segment your database by selecting clients who have never had a Fire & Ice Treatment before.

2. Create a bespoke invite to experience a 30 minute “Glow Up” Treatment when they book their next usual treatment. You can choose to charge a minimal amount such as an additional £25 - £30 when booked with any other treatment, or you can offer it as complimentary.You can either post the invite or email it - make it look personal.

3. When the client comes in to redeem their 30 minute treatment, complete a full skin consultation, utilising the methodology we have shown you in our sales consultation trainings. This will ensure that you set the scene adequately for creating a sales opportunity.

4. In this first 30 minute appointment, your aim should be to secure a minimum of 3 forward bookings of Fire & Ice Treatments. You can utilise incentives to encourage bulk booking, such as using a product or kit as added value. The added benefit of this is that you get the client on the product making your next sales easier.

5. In the next appointment, the aim should be to secure retail sales off the back of the product that you gave them with their bulk booking.

This strategy is well tested and provides at least a conversion of 50% of everyone who is invited.

If you need support in improving your sales consultations and haven’t as yet been through our training on this, get in touch with your HGI Business Growth Specialist or our Training team by emailing