The illuminating LED light therapy survey



Dec 09, 2022


Kara Rogers

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Many thanks to our partners who participated in our recent survey to explore how skin practitioners integrate LED phototherapy into their treatment offering. We also wanted to shine a light on what you look for when selecting an LED device, your customers attitudes towards light treatments, and for those practitioners who have not yet embraced LED, the barriers holding you back from doing so.

We thought you would be as interested in the results as much as were, so we wanted to share some highlights. It was a small sample of 40 practitioners so the data is directional, however your written feedback provided us with great themes and insights.

Over 70% of respondents offered LED light therapy. Microneedling was the second most widely offered beauty technology, followed by Laser.

The practitioners who don’t currently offer LED Light therapy cited lack of awareness of the benefits, and cost as reasons they have not yet done so. We recognise it’s a big decision investing in any device and understanding the benefits and the pay back periods is critical.

When considering new devices, our respondents stated that the most important criteria they look for are brand reputation, integration with other treatments and clinical studies.

We also explored how aware you considered your customers to be of LED light therapy. The top response to this multiple choice question was ‘about half are aware’. We asked you to share how your customers feel about trying LED light therapy for the first time. Emotions ranged from ‘excited’ to ‘scared’, but the consensus was that most were curious and happy to try it, especially with a little reassurance.

In terms of how LED Treatments are offered, our respondents most commonly sold them as an ‘add on’ to other treatments – from advanced facials to express treatments. We agree this is a great way to elevate your customers’ experience and skin results. Ten minute LED treatments are easy to add on, you noted the low staff involvement, and the fact that customers can be seated (if LED is in mask form) or lying down. The ‘add on’ approach helps achieve a quick return on investment thanks to the flexibility of the treatment.