Three ways to grow your business with Déesse PRO



Sep 20, 2022


Kara Rogers

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Are you looking to increase your business revenue without increasing your fixed term costs? 

HGI’s Commercial Director, Paul McLintock, demonstrates three ways you can grow your business with our Déesse PRO LED Mask. 

1. Up Selling Treatments & Packages 

Our Déesse PRO LED Mask, offers six individual treatments in one mask, enabling personalised treatments for your customers. Adding a personalised Déesse PRO treatment to an existing treatment, whether an upgrade to a massage, manicure or pedicure or adding in a series of Déesse PRO treatments post treatment to support recovery. Offering a package of treatments in the lead up to big events, such as weddings, awards or holidays, all offer additional revenue to your business. 

2. Team Utilisation 

Having spoken to several our partners over the past couple of months, one of the key messages we are hearing is staff sickness or a staff shortage within your businesses. Using the Déesse PRO LED Mask can support your business by increasing revenue, whilst not requiring an increase in your fixed costs.  

Offer Déesse PRO treatments, as an upgrade between treatments or as an option to support your team if they are fully booked, in your relaxation/recovery areas. Using the Déesse PRO settings, you can personalise treatments that don’t require one-to-one staffing, enabling your team to be able to support a number of clients at the same time.  

Creating a Déesse PRO subscription, where you offer customers, a series of tailored Déesse PRO treatments, is another opportunity to increase your revenue, without having to increase your fixed costs. 

3. Crossing Selling By Department  

Should you be fortunate that your business is part of a wider business, whether a hotel spa, clinic in a shopping centre or your business is part of a wider collaboration, such as a multi-use work place, there are several opportunities for you to cross-sell the Déesse PRO and Déesse Express. 

If you’re a spa in a hotel, why not offer the Déesse PRO Express as an in-room spa service, this can be sold as an additional in-room service, or a complimentary service to upsell suites and VIP opportunities. 

There are many ways the Déesse PRO LED Mask can support your business growth. For more information, speak to your HGI Business Growth Specialist or contact us on to arrange a time for a call back.