As of 1st August 2023, the way we reward you for your business with us is changing. Taking all of your feedback into account, we have made the programme more inclusive and rewarding for all stakeholders. There are 3 types of rewards that you can claim, which are awarded monthly, quarterly and annually. The programme applies to all of the brands offered by Harpar Grace International.

Your Wholesale Discount Tier

In our upgraded Growth & Rewards Programme, your discount pricing tier will remain the same for 12 months at a time. This will be agreed with your Business Growth Specialist at the beginning of each reward year, depending on your growth plans and your previous year’s spend.

Staff Incentive Programme

Monthly Rewards

On a monthly basis, all staff members of our partnering businesses, who have attended the relevant brand education within the past 24 months, will be eligible to register and claim their incentive.

There are 3 tiers in this programme to support your growth:
Tier 1: Sell 15 – 30 product units for a £75 reward
Tier 2: Sell 31 – 55 product units for a £100 reward
Tier 3: Sell 56+ product units for a £125 reward

Each unit sale has to take place in the calendar month that you are claiming for and proof of the sale needs to accompany your claim each month.

Firstly, register all the staff members in your business who want to join the programme and claim a monthly incentive.


Business Support Kickback

Quarterly Rewards

To support you in converting new clients to our brands, improving your client’s lifetime value with you, as well as supporting your events, PR activity or dressing your business, our quarterly kickback provides you with the opportunity to achieve an award to spend against these activities.

The reward will depend on your discount tier. Your Business Growth Specialist will discuss your rewards based on your business plan.

Business Growth Rebate Programme

Annual Rewards

Each year, a growth percentage will be applied to your previous year spend. This % will be set by us, and for the 23/24 year it will be 20% growth.

When you achieve this target, you will be rewarded with an uncapped rebate of 10% of your growth portion.

As an example, if you spent £35,000 in the previous year, your target this year will be £42,000 (£7,000 growth). When you achieve it, you will receive a £700 rebate (10% of your growth) to spend on any of our product range.

The more you spend, the more you earn. For our accounts who spend upward of £100,000, you will be awarded a 20% rebate on your growth portion. Your Business Growth Specialist will take you through your individual financials.


For my practitioner incentive do my concierge sales count?
Yes absolutely! The only sales excluded from the programme are the affiliate shop and our consumer websites.

For my practitioner incentive, can I sell 5 units of iS CLINICAL, 2 units of Totally Derma & 3 units of RevitaLash to claim my reward?
Unfortunately not. Practitioner incentives are measured per brand, therefore you must submit a minimum of 10 units of one brand only. However you can choose to spend your reward across any of our brands on the VIP Store.

If I only stock one of your brands, can I use my rewards on any of your other brands to be able to try them?
Yes of course! The VIP Store gives you access to all of our portfolio - that's one of the benefits of the programme. Also, all your spend across all the brands you stock with us will be accounted for against your trade discount tier.

What if I haven’t got any history with you, how do my rewards work?
If your account is new with us, your Business Growth Specialist will discuss with you a goal for your first year to support you in achieving the maximum rewards with us.

Why do I have to register for the practitioner incentive?
We need to keep track of who is a part of the scheme and issue a unique Practitioner ID to allow you to submit a monthly claim form. We will also support you by reminding you to submit your results monthly as we know you are working towards these.

What evidence will you accept for the practitioner incentive?
We will need evidence of your sales from your till system in PDF or JPEG format. Once registered, we will issue you with a how-to guide so that you know what you need to do to claim your reward.

What happens to the previous rewards that I have earned?
You have until the end of September 2023 to use these.

What happens if my business grows into the next discount tier within the 12 month period? Can I move to the next tier early?
Unfortunately not, but we have kept the annual rebate uncapped to compensate for this so that you aren't losing out.

Will the year always run August to July?
Yes, for all existing trade accounts. For all new trade accounts, your year will start the month you become a partner with us.

Is there any leeway on the 20% growth for the year?
This is a company-set target across each account to be able to fund the increased awards to your business.

What if I don’t know who my Business Growth Specialist is?
Please reach out to our Customer Experience team on or 02038 686242 and they will be able to advise you who your BGS is.

What if I am not interested in growing my business with you due to the nature of the way I run my business?
That is not a problem, we understand that everyone has different goals for their business, however, the programme will be available to you should your business needs change.

More information will be sent to you directly in the coming weeks regarding your specific trade account with us. But if you have any questions now, please don't hesitate to contact our team.